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About homosexuality... and sins

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First off, for the record, I'm not a religious guy. If I had to categorize myself (which I don't usually like doing), I'm Agnostic. I believe there is a God... but can't say a specific God. This is not the same thing as Atheism, btw.

In any case, I remember way back in college, I was having a deep convo with my roomie Steve. For some reason, we were talking about homosexuality and it being a sin. It's no secret that deeply conservative people have VERY STRONG opinions about homosexuals. (One Christian friend I used to be in touch with said once, "Gay Christians are not true Christians.")

I felt back then, as I do now, that homosexuality is not something someone should be condemned for. I guess me not being a Christian has someting to do with it. I'm also not gay either, but I just didn't see how that would be a sin anyways. If two people of the same gender want to be together, let them. It's not as if they're hurting others.

And if being gay IS indeed a sin, then surely there are other sins that are far worse... like rape, murder, stealing, etc. I even considering BULLYING a sin that's worse, because: 1) I was bullied when I was little and it was pretty traumatizing; and 2) bullying someone else is intentionally belittling/hurting them for your own sadistic pleasure.

Yet homosexuality seems to be in the controversial spotlight more often in comparison to "other sins".

Anyways, Steve was Christian back then, and I think he still is now. But he's never been a hardcore Bible thumper, for which I am grateful. But I'm not sure where my ex-roomie from college truly stands on the religious spectrum. In any case, he said that in the eyes of God, a sin is a sin. We humans may think that sin #1 may not be as bad as sin #2, but to God, they're both bad and are equal to each other. I still remember the example he gave:

"Let's say I want to steal this cookie. In the eyes of God, stealing this cookie is the same as actually hurting someone else."

13 or 14 years later, I was having a recent dinner with a mutual friend of ours, Joe. I was surprised to learn that Joe is also a Christian because he doesn't at all strike me as the religous type. I relayed my old convo with Steve to Joe, and Joe agreed. I asked him, "So you think homosexuality is a sin?"  His reply: "Yes, but it's no more of a sin than heterosexual lust."

Joe says that while he is a Christian, he considers himself a realist. Not everything in the Bible should be taken literally and doesn't really "apply" to the real world as we know it. I respect that view.

Nevertheless, for me personally, I still don't believe being gay is a sin. If it is, then there are far more worst sins out there to be more concerned about.

But... that's just me. I'm just one out of 7 billion on this planet, so I could be wrong.
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